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Once upon a time is right before your eyes! The ornate detail of the park's centrepiece with its quant turrets, towering spires and colourful windows reawakens your childhood and makes dreams come true for princes and princesses of all ages. Step inside a real-life fairytale, Sleeping Beauty's Castle! The iconic centerpiece of Disneyland Resort Paris, is waiting to make all your dreams come true!

  • Category - Adventure
  • Good for - Families with little ones
  • Minimum height - N/A
  • Fastpass - No
Sleeping Beautys Castle

Standing 148-feet tall, you'll see the castle as soon as your enter Disneyland Park - strolling down Main St USA leads you straight to this illusionary wonder as you step into the magic of Fantasyland.

It's a visual feast, and if you listen closley you'll hear a dragon's deep growl from the heart of its structure...