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“Howdy Folks” welcome to Frontierland – the great American West! Saddle up, steam ahead, and prepare to stake your claim within the vast, uncharted territory of fun. Prove you’ve got the quickest draw in town, at the Rustler Roundup Shootin’ galley. Ride the runaway train through the deep, mysterious depths of Big Thunder Mountain, and let’s turn those dreams into gold, Yee-ha!

Big Thunder Mountain

Ride a runaway mine train on the wind-swept sierras of Big Thunder Mountain.

Phantom Manor

Enjoy your stay at Phantom Manor! Legend has it, some guests never leave...

  • Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing - All aboard an old paddle steamer for a leisurely riverboat ride around the Old West sights of Frontierland. Not to be "Miss- issippied" at any cost!
  • Legends of the Wild West - Pass through the old wooden gates of Fort Comstock into Frontierland; climb the watch-towers and see the old canon. Keep your heads down though, those leathery legends, Buffalo Bill and Davy Crockett are about.
  • Pocahontas Indian Village - The Pocahontas Indian Village is the perfect playground for your young brave Indians. They'll enjoy climbing and sliding near the reconstructed village of the legendary Algonquian princess.
  • Rustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery - Fancy yourself as a hot-shot? Then step right up and take pot shots at cacti, or even that old varmint Peg-Leg Pete. Bulls-eye!


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Main Street U.S.A

Stroll through small-town America at the turn of the 20th Century and discover the delightful sights and sounds of an idyllic lifestyle!