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The gritty studio Backlot brings amazing special effects and astonishing set pieces together to provide a host of thrilling attractions and experiences. Buckle-up as you take a road trip with Areosmith on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster; join the crew of Armageddon and discover the history of special effects; plus, witness some of the world’s most incredible stunts close up!

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

Buckle-up for the ultimate road trip: a rock 'n' "rollin" video, starring Aerosmith and… you!

Stunt Show Spectacular

Take a deep breath... and whatever you do, don't close your eyes. You're about to see some of the world's best stunts up-close!

Armageddon: Special Effects

You'll need a hardhat for this crazy ride through space.


This is it - your first glimpse at the Hollywood lifestyle, your first spotlight! All in the beautifully styled buildings of a classic 1930s studio front lot...

Production Courtyard

See the action-packed epicentre of the Studios, with more show-biz dazzle and backstage magic than you could ever imagine!

Toon Studio

The Animation Courtyard has been re-born as the Toon Studio, complete with fantastic new attractions and new themed areas to meet your favourite Pixar® characters.