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Celebrate the world of Cinema in the Production Courtyard, the action-packed epicentre of the Studios, with more show-biz dazzle and backstage magic than you could ever image! Drop by the Hollywood Tower hotel for a short stay and hop aboard the Studio Tram Tour, for a real behind the scenes look at how movies are made.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™

Come face to face with your fears in the once glamorous, now eerie and abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Studio Tram Tour®: Behind the Magic - Be literally thrown into the centre of the action. Count on the calamitous Catastrophe Canyon ride to shake up the crew!


The gritty studio Backlot brings amazing special effects and astonishing set pieces together to provide a host of thrilling attraction experiences...


This is it - your first glimpse at the Hollywood lifestyle, your first spotlight! All in the beautifully styled buildings of a classic 1930s studio front lot...

Toon Studio

The Animation Courtyard has been re-born as the Toon Studio, complete with fantastic new attractions and new themed areas to meet your favourite Pixar® characters.