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With so much to see and do at Disneyland Paris it can be a little overwhelming just deciding where to start! That’s why we have created this page provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to make your holiday even more magical!

Don’t forget, once you return from your break to Disneyland Paris, we would love to hear any tips you have, to do this simply email and we will add them to our page.

  • We went just a couple of weeks ago by ferry and my best tip would be to plan your route before and have Google maps on your phone / sat nav or go the old fashioned route and buy a french road map. - Helen Burgess
  • Don't under-estimate the time needed. We were in the parks from 8am to 8pm with a 3 year old and a 10 year old. Very much enjoyed and the time flew. - Edward Blackmore
  • If your driving, always have a few euros handy for the toll roads - Natalie Fox
  • Book places for where you want to eat, preferably before going or at least as soon as you get there. We wanted breakfast at Cafe Mickey and found limited availability when we booked two days before! Lunch and dinner were already full - Andrew Read
  • If you can avoid taking a buggy then do. Hire a buggy there so you can leave it at the start of the queue, the gaps are fairly narrow and you may struggle with a normal buggy. Also plan your time in the park as it can be hectic when you get there. - Katie Merrick
  • Definitely definitely have a plan of action - especially if you have children :) Don't leave it till you get there to plan what you're going to do if you only have a day or two there. There's a neat little free app for the iPhone that'll plan your ride route in the parks. We drove and took packed lunches and watched Disney films on the way down as it's a good 3 if not more hours until you get to Disney from when you get off the ferry. - Sammy Bartlett
  • Use the Disney Village car park, its cheaper, less busy and closer to the parks! - Lizzie Allen